Monday, January 18, 2016

Freya's Embrace

Black trees bleed
Clawing dreams in carded skies
Squirrels scurry furtive bursts
Stop motion moments
Russet and umber
In the gesso snow

This pallid palette of muted hues
Gunmetal blue horizon
Charcoal and ash 
Smattered on canvas
bridal white and eiderdown 
Waiting for the the light touch 
of sable brush and color melting
lucid life revealed

Let weighted expectation  
Slip from these shoulders weary
trouble entombed 
In Freya's liquid embrace
Break the ice and capsize
this ancient glacial soul
I rise pristine, clean

Miles from the high desert
Burn of cobalt wind
thin aired desolation
flesh will crave the cruel sun 
the cresting western wind
and thirsty earth unsated

But I have found solace
In the quiet spiral waltz 
of snowflake descent
And the myriad skipping tracks
Skittering things leave
across this crystalline dance floor
I find rest in the reverie of mighty pines 
And the mirth of waters yet unfettered by frost
that call

I am finally home 
TL Boehm

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