Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War

I’m not your whipping post
I’m not your stepping stone
You think you got me cornered
But I’m not in this fight alone
You’ll find me standing strong
In the middle of the danger zone

You better bring your A game
Do the worst that you can do
Cuz I’m standing locked and loaded
This is war and I’m gunning for you
I’ve brought more than slings and arrows
My sights are set and my aim is true

This fight is a love thing
You will never comprehend
Rest assured the force that’s coming
Will put your armies to an end
Its ground you cannot take
And a position you can’t defend

Not even death will stop it
You won’t get what you came here for
You think that I am shaken
But I’m not afraid of you any more
You may kill but you cannot keep
I’m not your prisoner of war

TL Boehm


The Race

Where the skylights meet the highway
Where the rubber meets the road
Hell in my rearview mirror
And my mind on overload
Can’t outrun the ticking clock
Or distance myself from destiny
Spun out in the middle of my life
By the reckless heart inside of me

Drag myself from under this wreckage
Can’t say I feel no pain
Only a matter of moments I’ll be
In another hit and run again
Speeding cars they never stop
Just because you forfeit the race
Clear the track and they go round again
A faster car to take your place

This blur of life makes me slam my breaks
I was never built for speed
Cut the nitrous and the adrenaline
There’s something more that I need
Calling out over the roar of the engines
Shut the door and throw out the key
Walk away from this race to nowhere
There’s a better path that waits for me

TL Boehm