Saturday, January 4, 2014

Touch Me With Light

Are you with me
At the cusp of the torrent
Gray skies ragged
And the hungered earth
Beneath my tread worn feet
My veneration sanguine
Etched in weathered stone
As the birds of the air
Snatch your sustenance from
My blistered tongue
Bring me to my knees
Scrabbling at the door
That never opens
I can see past my imagination
To eternity
And I am but damp breath
Panting for you in the gathering storm
Time is a finite line
Destiny a place where the promise
Of your arms surrounding
My fractured soul  
Is the transient fragrance
Of crushed petals that bleed out
Through my clenched fists
Token moments can’t sustain
I need you now
To touch me with light
TL Boehm 04/04/13 

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