Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Woman's Love

This woman’s love
Never caught up in the honeyed rush
As his gaze rests on the rhythm of her
Breath caught faltering
Lace at her breast can’t hide the fervor romance
The ephemera of blushed lips at fluted throats
Where bejeweled birds hover
The summer luster of flitting wings
A dalliance in honeysuckle heavy with nectar
Fruited blooms and dew drop studded vines
The promise of heady mornings resonant with expectation
Of the day.
A fawn panting at the feet of Diana
Chase this dreamy ecstacy
Fling logic from a cliff with eyes wide open
Braced for impact and giddy for that little death

This woman’s love is war.
The ragged standard on the battlements
Bload soaked and stained with the sweat of my brow
Red earth and grit under cracked nails scrabbling
For one more split seed to sustain me.
This woman’s love is hard fought harvest
Wrestled from fallow ground
Ribs distend from weighted heart and lungs that burst
Feral words held hostage
And hips surrendered to the burden
Of flesh and bone made one
Knit in darkness before I knew you
A legacy that sprouts wings and fangs
And eats its way out through my soul

This woman’s love is birth and death
And all the sobbing chaos kept from you behind clenched fists
I would rather drown in the maelstrom than bring darkness
To blue eyed hope
This woman’s love is the slow decay
Of selfish dreams
The sloughed off mantle
Little girl dreams and daisy chains in trade for knowing
We created something beyond our selves….
Life will not be denied its effervescent bloom
As halos form in our hair and life becomes the salient blur spinning
Remembrance and forgetting
This woman’s love was worth the battle
Days settle soft at my feet
I obey gravity and the hope of little things
Babies in my arms…
Your happiness is my own and I win
This woman’s love
Is you.                
TL Boehm 

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