Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Gate Guards No Castle

So I’ll tell you I’m a beautiful disaster
Stained glass prismatic in torrential rain
But the truth is I’m dull mortar and plaster
Crumbling walls in a house of pain
And the foundation sinks so much faster
Than I can shore up again

These gates guard no man’s castle
These walls are a prison cell
 No shelter for love’s vassal
Just another room in hell

Set your flag upon the battlements
As the skies churn black to gray
No glory waits for all your time spent
As the hours bleed away
Lay siege to destiny hell bent
To render chaos on this day

Set fire to the tapestries
Where the spinner spun her tale
Destruction has her mastery
Burned out husks of walls so frail
I’d say I’d won but for the life of me
I only know how to fail. 
TL Boehm 

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