Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Veil

Before you tore the veil
And the scales fell from my eyes
Was I a child of the lesser light
Burned out echoes in ashen skies
The thundered rush of blood
Was I deafened by the lies

Before you cast the crown
Set diamonds sparkling at my brow
Did I crave the baser things
Found in the here and the now
Wrapped up in my thicker skin
Screaming where and why and how?

If you give perfect pleasure
Why would I require pain
What purpose does the deluge serve
For seed drowned out by rain
Why would I surrender Heaven
Just to go through Hell again

I can’t unwork the simple truth
Of a destiny unearned
If I step into the fire
I know I will be burned
Sometimes the seminal lesson
Is the lesson left unlearned 

TL Boehm

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