Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Road To Nowhere

I’ve been down this road with you
If I were dead
Flesh peeled back from weary bones
Gravity inexorable would pull the marrow
To this same desolation
Same fog my rear view mirror
Same stain on the pavement
Where you bled out
All your cataclysmic tragedies
Your fatal inclinations
The debriding of my dreams
Leaves me numb
Cast your rage against the rocks
My fractured heart can’t quicken
At the sound of your cries
I’m saturated
Even one more tear will bring the rain
Seed my sky with the drama
Of the day
I am so damn done with your pain
Tantrums at my feet
And tread on my spine
Nothing but black tar and broken white lines
Between us and the oblivion
You selfish soul sucking pariah
Leave my carcass smoking
On the road to no where
And find another ride
To carry you home
TL Boehm 

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