Saturday, January 4, 2014


The little lights
They effervesce 
Caught up in the breath of you
Crisp pinafore dress
And fireflies 
I am with you child
At the edge of the world
Where sullen skies ebb
And bare trees 
Poise for the blooming spring

I long to put my arms around you
Barefoot and tousled 
You carry my broken soul 
If only 
I ever

The ash from bonfires
Winks out in sand 
Summer evenings 
Capricious I danced 
Let the waves take me 
Ephemeral pleasure
A skipped moment 
Gray in the daylight 
Shake the shamed from tattered blankets
And sneak back home

I will never cradle 
Your tiny frame 
Feel the thrum of your heart 
Like moths against a window 
The echo of a breath 
I love you, mommy
Sad mantras now
This consequence 
Surrender to the silence 
Of life ungiven

Resurrected only 
As a fatal wish 
Moments when I see you 
Do you wait for me, still? 
TL Boehm...03/21/13

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