Saturday, January 4, 2014

Out of Mind When Out of Sight

You don’t get to be happy
You don’t get to quit
You don’t get to walk away  
Breaking my heart bit by bit

I don’t plan to light a candle for you
In the dark night I won’t cry out your name
I don’t want to be the bigger man
And concede to your sick little game
My love was real and I gave it
You took all I had and you ran off to play
Now you come back and say I’m your best friend
Like I understand why you let your eyes stray
What kind of fool do you think I am anyway

I was ready to give you forever
I sacrificed and I waited for you
You couldn’t even give me your honesty
You don’t even care what you’ve put me through
All the days and nights wanting are wasted
And I’m marking time just getting by
But you come at me with that fragile smile
Blind to the tears I cry
I’m broken but you can’t fathom why

Will your little conscience  
Keep you warm at night
I won the war
But lost this fight
You sent up the white flag
You know it ain’t right
But you made your choice
Better hang on tight
Out of mind when out of sight
TL Boehm

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