Saturday, January 4, 2014

Memory Go Easy on Me

Memory go easy on me
You know I was just a child
And the visions and schemes of little girl dreams
Burn unfettered and wild

I know I’m grown I see the crone
Looking out at me from my own eyes
And gone are the days spent in that haze
Of star filled nights and sunlit skies
Destiny was not kind to me
My generic life is a brutal surprise

The world spins fast and and life won’t last
Love arcs brilliant like shooting stars
When the sparkle is gone I try to hold on
With a death grip on my own prison bars
In the flesh that burns it’s a hard lesson learned
Time won’t temper the fatal scars

Blow this kiss good bye I smile, I lie
Drop paper dreams in a shallow grave
Swallow the pain again and again
Pretend that I’m not a slave
Till that *45 spins and the music begins
It’s just the ghost of me I’m trying to save 

TL Boehm
*45 a magic ebony conveyance that when subjected to the stroke of a diamond tipped needle released pops, ticks and wonderful music. 

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