Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love Songs To the Ghost of You

“Pale pink satin worn out in a week. But you loved you the most.” Rock A Little " Stevie Nicks

Zephyrs gentle on a southern summer
Dusky days settle hazy in the back of my mind
Air sweet with honeysuckle and magnolia
Cicada songs and the blur of heat on a tarred road
We drifted through moments
Bathed in light and life
Never surrendering to squall lines on the horizon
When jonquils bow to the gathering weight
Of chaos born in the vortex
Casting shadows saturnine
Clawing at the curve of the earth
We were simply swept apart

I found you bound
Wedding lace and weary words
Run down in the gauntlet of wild moments
The ephemera of small fantasies
Crushed In the throes of fickle souls
The fainter heart closed her door
Feigning spring in the midst of winter
And you dance with no music
To carry you past the pain
We will never dream again

But I remember
Twisting daisy chains
Summer rain found us breathless
Headlong in the green grass
Your laughter an epitaph
Keening love songs to the ghost of you

“You say…Nothing.
That is how songs are written.
Stories are told. Rumors are started” Rock a Little - Stevie Nicks
TL Boehm 

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