Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lost In Your Words

I find myself
Letting your words spill
Fragrant like crushed flowers
To settle at the base of my spine
The lush moments
And daydreams
Effervesce on the tongue
I savor the phrases
And catch my breath
There are days I could drown
Let my foundations crumble
In the torrent of you
My mouth full of succulent fruit
Un-bruised by the hungry palette
I could drown
Looking up at metaphors
You fling like stars in my night sky
The thrill of sacred and profane
Crystalized on the tip of your pen
The alchemy of lovers
Nightmares that creep with words
Stretched over bone
And those that dance
Enrapt within
Surrender of flesh and spirit
I am lost in the power of your words…
TL Boehm 

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