Saturday, January 4, 2014

If Tasked To Write My Heart

Would you write me
Vellum and gall
Talons bared for the priming
Scrape the luster from my scaled hide
The echo of treasure
Sunk in the sinews
Drag these knucklebones and cluttered words
Across my breast
Erratic heart that scurries in my chest
Cock roaches under the lamp light
Am I the maggot in soft tissue
Raze the tender flesh
This putrification of poets I render
Scatter the cadaver
Calcified remains in the blister of a desert day
Would you shrink from me by degrees
Tendriled bloom that you are
Fresh petals tremble in a sirocco embrace
Erase the fragile color from the skin
Trade beauty for ashes
Would you mix me with spit
To tattoo your curses in the lines of my face
Would my presence on your tongue
Draw back your lips
Hackles and howls sat back on clay haunches
Arch that spine like a strychnined coyote
This bitch is fatal fallow ground
And you are bound to write me real

Or would you debride the charred detritus
Cradle my grizzled head in the nape of your neck
Till the screams stopped
Wash me with hyssop and I’ll be clean
Would you write me the child in dotted swiss
Patent shoes and butterscotch hair caught up
In a breath of blue bow
Cornflower eyes
Round and bright with the hope of life
Before the undertow of fractured DNA
Swept me downstream
Backwater eddies and lies
Despise this child
Kill it before it breeds
Would you write me off
Abort the mission and castrate the maker
Would you dismiss my existence  as so much
Collateral damage

Or would you simply put me on ignore
Vagrant fool on a street of dreams
Click those snifters with the beautiful people
Above the noise and chaos in my head
Unworthy of one word from you
If tasked to put my heart on paper
you would leave me lifeless
Forever unwritten
Save that precious pen
From creating a waste of words.  
TL Boehm 

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