Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Will Remember

Precious son
Priceless one
Whispered words useless to convey
I clung to you
For a moment or two
But years like a breath they slip away
Under troubled skies
I cover my eyes
Cry when they can't see
A life just begun
My precious son
Suddenly taken from me
I remember the curve of your face
As I held you close in my arms
I remember the scent of newborn skin
As I cradled you safe and warm
I remember the turbulent years the fears
I remember the rage and the pain
But I held the hope and the dream that you
Would find your way again
I'm broken inside
The tears I've cried
Useless to ease my soul
Hold this memory
So close to me
And wish my heart was whole
Precious son
Priceless one
I send a prayer up to the sunlit sky
My thoughts of you
Must carry me through
This temporary goodbye
TL Boehm
For Heidi
Remembering Adam
Adam Oury was murdered in 2007. He was 21 years old 

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