Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Equals Me Without You

I was cool for about five minutes
You had a big plan thought I was in it
But your love  is rigged and I can’t win it
So I’m movin’ on down the line
It’s just a broken heart, I’ll be fine
Had my eyes on you lookin back at me
One plus one equals destiny
What a nasty surprise when you set me free
Got a future now with a clearer view
This light waits for me without you

We both got that free will baby
Victor or victim of choices maybe
It’s a bigger grace that saves me
Could be you’re not the one
And my happiness has just begun

So you stunned me when you cut that cord
So easily broken I was floored
No longer the one that you adored
You made that choice to set me free
And I’m walking out a new destiny

Free equals me without you
Go on and do what you gotta do
TL Boehm 

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