Saturday, January 4, 2014

At World's End

At Worlds End

Arrest your measured steps
Sever the shroud wrapped damp
Against your weathered skin
And begin
To breathe peace
Solace at the terminus of earth and sky
The tidal flood upwelling quelled  
And water empty
Waits to embrace us
You are so tired yet you hesitate
To surrender
Slip beneath the waves
Where you are free

*Hvor valkyrjene hvile sine sverd, de grønne jord kløyver mot myke vinger
I can see the curve of the world in your eyes
Map my life in the lines of your calloused hands
What a ride
I remember every turn of the wheel
The surge of the engines and the sound of your voice
You were a simple song sung under cover of falling leaves
And was the capricious evening breeze
We’re a symphony
The last refrain shimmers
In the memory of strings stretched warm
The timbre of life
At worlds end
TL Boehm

Norwegian: (*Where valkries rest their swords, the verdant earth cleaves against soft wings) 
a little love poem for my husband 

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