Friday, September 5, 2014

Thread the Polar Breeze

A frosted sun rides the western skies
Ice buckles in troubled seas
Death stalks the streets of Arviat
Scent threads the polar breeze

Furtive foxes skitter fences
Ground fouled human host  
From Churchill up to Keewatin
The Laurentide glacial ghost

*Tuunbaq Nibipchabaa  
Igitchivik anaq
Nanuq qiaruq  nibiruq miqjiqtuq

All Hallow’s Eve the children play
Little lights tread snowpacked streets
Tuurngak whispers to the white king
Their flesh is soft the marrow sweet

Nanuk you abdicate your throne
Dance before a greater beast
Trade the cadence on the pack ice
Ones offal another ones feast

Black nose to ice you scavenge
Silent white against the pall
Nanuk now slave to a lesser god
Scattered ash we all will fall

TL Boehm

*Satan, he feeds him garbage pail feces. Nanuk cries, eats child 

The Watermark

So this is the watermark
The stranding after the deluge
Tidal storms recede
And I am wreckage on your shore
Gulls hover
Strident cries they scrabble
For cast off sparkling trinkets
Dead flesh
Winging requiem for a life unlived
Slip the yellow tape boundary
Drape daisy chains and platitudes
Across my fractured hull

Would you find wild beauty
In weathered wood
Barnacle scars
And the echo of measured surf
Set this longship by the sunstone
Radiant light when skies are heavy
Sullen with winter chill
Would you cleave to the beat
Aegir’s heavy hand on your prow
The moon pull of open water
The tease of salt spray
On full lips whisper my name
One more time
Voice across the deep
And I will breathe

Will you simply wreath
My memory
“ see the line of my people back to the beginning 
Lo, They do call to me”
Cast the fire and plot the stone ship
Pebbles skipped cross brackish water
My legacy sinks
Little rippled terminus
Wont shred butterfly wings
Or froth the wild tides
To the maelstrom
So this is the watermark
Strand my heart
With one spilled tear
TL Boehm

Caught Looking Away

His matriarch set off in the brilliant burn
Pre-monsoon summer skies as she flies
Home to Big Blue and strawberry fields, rolling sand dunes
Studded with peaches and cream stalks full corn ears
Past the gunmetal  hulls - Motor City madness
Send that cheap crap back to China
Import ratchet dreams that obsolesce faster than a preteen’s
Boy band crush
We left our polite goodbyes on padded benches in the Sunport
Trekked the cement labyrinthine path back to the car
Sprawled myself out in the backseat
Marinating in my bipolar haze of relief and regret
Two weeks of my soft under parts presented  
Respect for the Alpha who never hacked up a rabbit
At the mere sound of my keening cries
Sate the pack tomorrow I’m off the forest floor
In all my ears back, feral, foaming at the fangs glory
Salient thought abandoned on the crest of a stressed induced migraine
And the whelps yipping for pricey coffee with caramel drizzles

She broke my bleary eyed unfocused reverie
Wrangling two carts corralled by bits of ragged twine in the parking lot
As she ferreted through her peculiar tinsel adorned collection
Scraggly plastic wreaths, sad ghosts of Christmas past
And her grizzled locks wound round a red velveteen door decoration
Muted hues against her transient mantle
I caught myself looking away…
A triad of flies buzzed her presence
The dull thrum of something important forgotten
She shuffled to a center table
Arranging dusky floral skirts and kohl layered clothing
With hands caked with cracked black grit
Fingers studded with grimey chunk costume jewelry
Dug at the lid on a generic bulk bowl of noodle soup
While baristas and capri clad patrons skirted her table
As though they were restless waves
Fleeing before the power of God across the Red sea
And me sucking spun fat from the top of an overpriced iced concoction
Without pittance in my pocket
Caught myself staring…
For someone else to do the Christian thing

Is that how a Freak rolls?
Tongue lolling for the opportunity
When crazy plants itself
In the high backed chair in front of you
And pops open a styro container of “stroke in a cup”
Do you flash that cash wrapped round a tract
Put a hand on her weary back and pray
Do you simply look away
Caught up in awkward indecision
Uncomfortable in your urban bubble
This is latte day at Starbee’s for God’s sake
And she never put a hand out for help
Or spoke a single word
As if a bag of Oprah’s cut leaf tea would
Change her world.
Or yours.
Pride goeth before Christmas wreaths, and shopping carts
And pot metal costume jewels

Under the cool blur of my ceiling fan I glance skyward for answers
Offer a smattering of plaintive prayers
For matriarchs
And mavens with dull velveteen bows in their hair
For my children
For release from the pain at the back of my brain
And the constricting grip of entitlement torqueing my brittle heart
God breathes in moments missed
When we simply look away…
TL Boehm 

Not My Reality

Is it divine dissatisfaction
Or just a chemical reaction
To a system overload
Run the meter to the red
Am I all up in my head
Do I shut it down or implode

Can’t settle for status quo
There’s so much more I want to know
This is not my reality
You can hang by your circumstance
Or cut that rope and take a chance
Could you handle being free

Cyclical day and night
Spinning at the speed of light
Lost in the blur of our lives
This black hole gravity
Has done its work on me
It’s a pull I can’t survive

So rescue me from oblivion
My heart is open to let you in
Change my linear destiny
No more victim of circumstance
Give me grace to take the chance
We were meant to be free
TL Boehm

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War

I’m not your whipping post
I’m not your stepping stone
You think you got me cornered
But I’m not in this fight alone
You’ll find me standing strong
In the middle of the danger zone

You better bring your A game
Do the worst that you can do
Cuz I’m standing locked and loaded
This is war and I’m gunning for you
I’ve brought more than slings and arrows
My sights are set and my aim is true

This fight is a love thing
You will never comprehend
Rest assured the force that’s coming
Will put your armies to an end
Its ground you cannot take
And a position you can’t defend

Not even death will stop it
You won’t get what you came here for
You think that I am shaken
But I’m not afraid of you any more
You may kill but you cannot keep
I’m not your prisoner of war

TL Boehm


The Race

Where the skylights meet the highway
Where the rubber meets the road
Hell in my rearview mirror
And my mind on overload
Can’t outrun the ticking clock
Or distance myself from destiny
Spun out in the middle of my life
By the reckless heart inside of me

Drag myself from under this wreckage
Can’t say I feel no pain
Only a matter of moments I’ll be
In another hit and run again
Speeding cars they never stop
Just because you forfeit the race
Clear the track and they go round again
A faster car to take your place

This blur of life makes me slam my breaks
I was never built for speed
Cut the nitrous and the adrenaline
There’s something more that I need
Calling out over the roar of the engines
Shut the door and throw out the key
Walk away from this race to nowhere
There’s a better path that waits for me

TL Boehm

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Veil

Before you tore the veil
And the scales fell from my eyes
Was I a child of the lesser light
Burned out echoes in ashen skies
The thundered rush of blood
Was I deafened by the lies

Before you cast the crown
Set diamonds sparkling at my brow
Did I crave the baser things
Found in the here and the now
Wrapped up in my thicker skin
Screaming where and why and how?

If you give perfect pleasure
Why would I require pain
What purpose does the deluge serve
For seed drowned out by rain
Why would I surrender Heaven
Just to go through Hell again

I can’t unwork the simple truth
Of a destiny unearned
If I step into the fire
I know I will be burned
Sometimes the seminal lesson
Is the lesson left unlearned 

TL Boehm

Free Equals Me Without You

I was cool for about five minutes
You had a big plan thought I was in it
But your love  is rigged and I can’t win it
So I’m movin’ on down the line
It’s just a broken heart, I’ll be fine
Had my eyes on you lookin back at me
One plus one equals destiny
What a nasty surprise when you set me free
Got a future now with a clearer view
This light waits for me without you

We both got that free will baby
Victor or victim of choices maybe
It’s a bigger grace that saves me
Could be you’re not the one
And my happiness has just begun

So you stunned me when you cut that cord
So easily broken I was floored
No longer the one that you adored
You made that choice to set me free
And I’m walking out a new destiny

Free equals me without you
Go on and do what you gotta do
TL Boehm 

My Soul to Blame

I have only my soul to blame
On addled nights when my weary heart rattles and bangs
In its bone cage the thrumming beats
Terrified finches flailing in the wake of a gloved hand
And I am sold to the child clutching wrinkled wet bills
And sticky Christmas change
Who’ll forget to feed me by New Year’s Day
Small songs left unsung and talons cramp from a perch unfit
To sustain me

I have only my soul to blame
When lofty thoughts plummet
High places and walls fall the buttresses too frail for
Architects flights of fancy
I was built for low shelter
A dugout in the western wind
Small solace in the face of tornadic spin
Scatter the crops and erase the traces of gentle humanity
Frail daisies wont sustain me

I have only my soul to blame
When words that course through veins
Carry more than the love of blood and bone
And I am alone with nothing but whispers and wrinkled wet sheets
Rhapsodies and rhymes they crackle like the shucked husks
On the threshing floor my dreams no more worth
Than the paper scribbling balled up around my feet
This written lie
Never penned to sustain me.
TL Boehm

Out of Mind When Out of Sight

You don’t get to be happy
You don’t get to quit
You don’t get to walk away  
Breaking my heart bit by bit

I don’t plan to light a candle for you
In the dark night I won’t cry out your name
I don’t want to be the bigger man
And concede to your sick little game
My love was real and I gave it
You took all I had and you ran off to play
Now you come back and say I’m your best friend
Like I understand why you let your eyes stray
What kind of fool do you think I am anyway

I was ready to give you forever
I sacrificed and I waited for you
You couldn’t even give me your honesty
You don’t even care what you’ve put me through
All the days and nights wanting are wasted
And I’m marking time just getting by
But you come at me with that fragile smile
Blind to the tears I cry
I’m broken but you can’t fathom why

Will your little conscience  
Keep you warm at night
I won the war
But lost this fight
You sent up the white flag
You know it ain’t right
But you made your choice
Better hang on tight
Out of mind when out of sight
TL Boehm



Br"ðr muno beriaz                         Brothers will fight
ok at bǫnom verða[z]                     and kill each other
muno systrungar                              sisters’ children
sifiom spilla.                                     Will defile kinship
Hart er í heimi,                                 it is harsh In the world
hórdómr mikill                                  whoredom rife
"skeggǫld, skálmǫld                     an axe age a sword age
"skildir ro klofnir"                        shields are riven
vindǫld, vargǫld"                           a wind age a wolf age
áðr verǫld steypiz.                           Before the world goes headlong
Mun engi maðr                                 no man will have
ǫðrom þyrma.                                  Mercy on another                                   

Poetic Edda: Voluspa (wise woman’s prophecy)

So the world spins sinking shifting sand and saline spray
I was never the hand of a child to lead you to dry ground
après moi le deluge*
You’re forever chasing chaos through the sky
Wicked things they pinion high
Refracted in the beveled edges of your sinister machinery
Hell bent on seminal justification
Wolves that swallow the sun
And the moon bleeds ochre stars
Rape the dream to save the nightmare
I am Loki’s fruit sent to sever the hand that fed me
I wait at the end of your pain to consume you
Winnowed chaff in the master’s threshing floor
Abhor me if you will
I never asked for life only peace forever wanes
Take me breathless to the water’s edge
Give me the crave of dreamless sleep
Cast me away on the waves with the wreckage
Set sail where earth and sky begin again
One thrust to create and another to destroy
I am your consequence for claiming the double edged blade
The bitter blue eyed legacy you made
When you bed with beggars and thieves to wake up screaming
devant moi la petite mort
I am forever surrendered to my empty fate
I will wait….
TL Boehm
*Thank you Regina Spektor 

Here Is My Everything

Here is my broken heart
Here is my shattered life
Here are all my faults and failures
As a woman a mother and wife
All the promises I've broken
All the hateful things I've said
All the life I left unspoken 
Wasting my breath upon the dead

Here is my sweat and sacrifice
Here is my blood and pain
My hollow effort to pay some price
Worry wasted for no gain
All the lies I cling to
All the truth I threw away
All the darker thoughts I bring you
Waste my steps and run astray

Here’s the sum of my existence
Here’s the hardest part to learn
This wretched pride and persistence
Stokes a bonfire set to burn
All I am at the end of me
All damage done that I could do
All that’s left is the love that sets me free
Everything comes from you
TL Boehm 10/06/2013 

This Woman's Love

This woman’s love
Never caught up in the honeyed rush
As his gaze rests on the rhythm of her
Breath caught faltering
Lace at her breast can’t hide the fervor romance
The ephemera of blushed lips at fluted throats
Where bejeweled birds hover
The summer luster of flitting wings
A dalliance in honeysuckle heavy with nectar
Fruited blooms and dew drop studded vines
The promise of heady mornings resonant with expectation
Of the day.
A fawn panting at the feet of Diana
Chase this dreamy ecstacy
Fling logic from a cliff with eyes wide open
Braced for impact and giddy for that little death

This woman’s love is war.
The ragged standard on the battlements
Bload soaked and stained with the sweat of my brow
Red earth and grit under cracked nails scrabbling
For one more split seed to sustain me.
This woman’s love is hard fought harvest
Wrestled from fallow ground
Ribs distend from weighted heart and lungs that burst
Feral words held hostage
And hips surrendered to the burden
Of flesh and bone made one
Knit in darkness before I knew you
A legacy that sprouts wings and fangs
And eats its way out through my soul

This woman’s love is birth and death
And all the sobbing chaos kept from you behind clenched fists
I would rather drown in the maelstrom than bring darkness
To blue eyed hope
This woman’s love is the slow decay
Of selfish dreams
The sloughed off mantle
Little girl dreams and daisy chains in trade for knowing
We created something beyond our selves….
Life will not be denied its effervescent bloom
As halos form in our hair and life becomes the salient blur spinning
Remembrance and forgetting
This woman’s love was worth the battle
Days settle soft at my feet
I obey gravity and the hope of little things
Babies in my arms…
Your happiness is my own and I win
This woman’s love
Is you.                
TL Boehm