Friday, April 5, 2013

Where is my faith

The exaltation of doves
Hope flung wild against the breaking dawn
A riot of light in a quiet sky
With the tenacity of crocus
Color breaks across the frozen snow
Heartsick I shiver
For the warmth to reach deeper
Than my skin
Where frost sets in
Faith obliterated
This murder of crows
Picks the bones of dreams
Ill conceived
In the rush of passion for peculiar things
The thrum of oily wings
Scatters ashes across barren ground
I am found
Seeking your face in the empty space between
This heart without hope
Iisn’t worth any effort to save
Birth a dirge for faith cast in an open grave
No breath of life expressed from my lips
I’ve come to grips with this inevitable reality
Only you can reignite the burned out light in me  
TL Boehm
- I am uninspired. So I am just going to write until that capricious little muse comes back. I don't need her anyway. Its only a particular order, one at a walking. Inspiration is for those too weak to STAND unaided in the face of their specific realities. so PFUH..
Not really but I wish I were much easier than sweat equity.

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