Friday, April 5, 2013


Perhaps it was the blasphemy of lovers and fools 
This dalliance of ravens and necromancy 
The brush of pomegranate mouths 
Amaranthine against the backdrop of ochre and tintype 
I dance the silent rhythm 
Innate the rush of blood in veins 
I am your feathered death on prism wings 
Small consolation you cannot see the soul beneath the veil 
Spin a legacy of heretics starry eyed and hungry 
For flesh and soft skin 
Spills the stain on pristine canvas 
The palette of indiscretions 
Peep show intimacies 
Vibrant I am unfettered light 
And you are blind 
In black and white and gray
You twist this myth 
Ropes coiled serpentine 
Hungry eyed you feed on dreams 
Cellulose crackling in the heat 
Borne on desert winds 
I rise to claim you 
I am the moment 
Pigment and poetry 
Alive and fluid in your mind 
Whisper my name

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