Friday, April 5, 2013

Rainy Day

You are never happy 
Again, he chants the sad mantra 
Of a life spun out in threadbare patches
Pain etched in weathered eyes
Gray green like late summer grass 

Burned by the whirring blade 
Again she says…if only we were friends
Under breath held to quell the deluge of 
I can’t be your everything
Then anything
You ever were is nothing 
In the soft blur of days that drip 
Empty windows scarred with the memory of 
And I
Am so brittle
Harsh light behind your eyes
Hostility disguised as loving correction 
The caress of fire on kindling
My petty dreams the memory of smoke in your lungs
Just breathe me in
Ripples across this thin skin 
Break the surface tension
I ache to be something more than 
Empty words
Penciled afterthoughts in margins
Eventually illegible 
In the steady decay of days
I am never happy 
Lost in the transience of you 
03/11/13 TLB

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