Friday, April 5, 2013

Alternate Reality

Pretty girl with stars in your eyes
And the world at your feet.
You never gave another breath about me did you?
You never thought about the 
Sad little awkward one that I was
With my toothy smile
Face peppered with freckles and imperfections.
You took the first chance you got
Grabbed that ring
Drank that koolaide
Whatever the mechanism was
You swallowed faster than a desperate pledge at a frat party
You’re on that perpetual joy ride
And I am left alone
To drown in the gray desperation that is my glass ceiling life.
How can you breathe in the thin air of your rarified sky?
I think of you and I hate you
like I hate burying a kid’s first puppy.
You left me with nothing
But an open wound where my soul should have been.
You can’t come back
And I can’t rise above
This little existence I’ve dug out with my own jagged nails
Hell may be too good for you but at least I know
The monster in the mirror is more real
Than that illusion of angels
I thought I saw in your eyes. Love is a witch of a mistress
You taught me well

TLB 031313

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