Friday, April 5, 2013

Rock Me To Rest

And when I'm hurlin words and throwing blows  
Thumping drumbeats against my chest 
I long to fall in your arms like a frightened child 
And let you rock me to rest  

Inside outside upside down 
Confusion coiled around me tight 
This crawling terror got me paralyzed 
I'm defenseless in this fight 

All the frenemies and the wannabes 
Levelin those guns at my head 
Spillin  gasoline on a grass fire 
Ain't no life with the walking dead 

Then through all the noise inside my head 
Your whispered wisdom rings out to me 
Send that white flag up and surrender 
Cuz I have come to set you free 
TL Boehm 

Rainy Day

You are never happy 
Again, he chants the sad mantra 
Of a life spun out in threadbare patches
Pain etched in weathered eyes
Gray green like late summer grass 

Burned by the whirring blade 
Again she says…if only we were friends
Under breath held to quell the deluge of 
I can’t be your everything
Then anything
You ever were is nothing 
In the soft blur of days that drip 
Empty windows scarred with the memory of 
And I
Am so brittle
Harsh light behind your eyes
Hostility disguised as loving correction 
The caress of fire on kindling
My petty dreams the memory of smoke in your lungs
Just breathe me in
Ripples across this thin skin 
Break the surface tension
I ache to be something more than 
Empty words
Penciled afterthoughts in margins
Eventually illegible 
In the steady decay of days
I am never happy 
Lost in the transience of you 
03/11/13 TLB


Perhaps it was the blasphemy of lovers and fools 
This dalliance of ravens and necromancy 
The brush of pomegranate mouths 
Amaranthine against the backdrop of ochre and tintype 
I dance the silent rhythm 
Innate the rush of blood in veins 
I am your feathered death on prism wings 
Small consolation you cannot see the soul beneath the veil 
Spin a legacy of heretics starry eyed and hungry 
For flesh and soft skin 
Spills the stain on pristine canvas 
The palette of indiscretions 
Peep show intimacies 
Vibrant I am unfettered light 
And you are blind 
In black and white and gray
You twist this myth 
Ropes coiled serpentine 
Hungry eyed you feed on dreams 
Cellulose crackling in the heat 
Borne on desert winds 
I rise to claim you 
I am the moment 
Pigment and poetry 
Alive and fluid in your mind 
Whisper my name

Alternate Reality

Pretty girl with stars in your eyes
And the world at your feet.
You never gave another breath about me did you?
You never thought about the 
Sad little awkward one that I was
With my toothy smile
Face peppered with freckles and imperfections.
You took the first chance you got
Grabbed that ring
Drank that koolaide
Whatever the mechanism was
You swallowed faster than a desperate pledge at a frat party
You’re on that perpetual joy ride
And I am left alone
To drown in the gray desperation that is my glass ceiling life.
How can you breathe in the thin air of your rarified sky?
I think of you and I hate you
like I hate burying a kid’s first puppy.
You left me with nothing
But an open wound where my soul should have been.
You can’t come back
And I can’t rise above
This little existence I’ve dug out with my own jagged nails
Hell may be too good for you but at least I know
The monster in the mirror is more real
Than that illusion of angels
I thought I saw in your eyes. Love is a witch of a mistress
You taught me well

TLB 031313

The Sea inside

Your voice fell in whispers
With the cadence of rain 
Thrumming against the windowpanes
The rush of mourning doves 
And albatross dreams

I am the storm tossed 
Sea inside 
Angry skies 
Breathe me in 
And I become gravid
With the weight of your soul
You are cool blue water 
Gentle surf teases
This fractured shoreline
Scuttle up ancient things
The tide brings both sorrow 
And exaltation
Let me drown in you now
Carry me out to the depth of you 
Lift the anchor 
And cast me away

Do you know how much I love you

Do you know how much I love you
No second passes I don’t see
Do you know that you are priceless
You mean everything to Me

I know your heart is breaking
But my love is unbreakable
I know your world is shaking
Cling to Me I am unshakable

I put your enemies to flight
I stop the terror in the night
There is no darkness only light
I am your victory
You mean everything to Me

Circumstance veils your tomorrow
But I’ve written your destiny
If only you would look in the mirror
And see the you in you I see
If you would know how much I love you
You mean everything to Me

TL Boehm

I usually am singing in choir on Sundays so I don't actually get to 'worship' - but this Sunday I was unable to sing on the platform due to a nasty cramp in my back that's been bothering me for over a week. So I sat out and wrote this.
When I was in my late teens and into my early twenties, I wrote all the time but now I usually am uninspired to write ryhming poetry. I just don't think along those lines. So this was a nice little surprise.
Just wanted to share. I'm not forlorn all the time. 

Where is my faith

The exaltation of doves
Hope flung wild against the breaking dawn
A riot of light in a quiet sky
With the tenacity of crocus
Color breaks across the frozen snow
Heartsick I shiver
For the warmth to reach deeper
Than my skin
Where frost sets in
Faith obliterated
This murder of crows
Picks the bones of dreams
Ill conceived
In the rush of passion for peculiar things
The thrum of oily wings
Scatters ashes across barren ground
I am found
Seeking your face in the empty space between
This heart without hope
Iisn’t worth any effort to save
Birth a dirge for faith cast in an open grave
No breath of life expressed from my lips
I’ve come to grips with this inevitable reality
Only you can reignite the burned out light in me  
TL Boehm
- I am uninspired. So I am just going to write until that capricious little muse comes back. I don't need her anyway. Its only a particular order, one at a walking. Inspiration is for those too weak to STAND unaided in the face of their specific realities. so PFUH..
Not really but I wish I were much easier than sweat equity.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bella Donna Requiem 06.12.12

This peace you offer
Pinioned prayers and platitudes
Scry in the mercury shattered
Your brittle whispers snap in the rarified air

This madness is thunder at the back of my throat
Ragged and storm weary
I tread water in your wake
Spin my tahrihim and trim the fringe
I am the terminus of fragile breath
Falling away from you

*Benedicimus Deum meum adventum et egrediente
There is solace in the blind blue moments
Let me surrender
To the baptism of despair
The upwelling catechism of *deliquescence
Souls fall clutching the flesh
Gasping for one more shredding dream
Fill the spinnaker and set sail

I am no longer a seaworthy vessel
This tethered hope you offer
Stinging nettles in my mouth
On flitting wings
Is the drone of hornets in my hair
I crave
And you are bound to your promise
It is my free will

To let go...

*God bless my coming and my going out
*melt away/decay