Saturday, December 8, 2012

SP Elemental - Smoke and Mirrors

I am the exhalation
Soft spoken
Whispers of ephemera
Tendriled driftwood memories
Smoke and mirrors

I am the haze in your periphery
Half asleep at dusk
Autumn moments that spiral
When green fades gold and gold falls
Somber ashes in the depth of winter
I am the breath of fog across the pond
Quiet blue hues that fade to gray

Perhaps you sought substance in the shift
Resurrection in the fallout
The taste of snowflakes on your tongue
The expiration of words
Fracturing prismatic
Transient they left my mouth
whisps and intentions
The remnant scent still lingers
Cloying in the dampness of hair
curling ringlets around your face
I leave you
Alone with your reflection
When the smoke clears
TL Boehm

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