Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fade to Gray - An SP Moment

I am falling
Carded wool and eiderdown
Muted hues in the resonant ghost of you
My words drift
Shadow soft before the deluge
Of an angry sky
I pray for rain
Even though I cower under cover of your grace
Myriad tears from heaven broken
Etch the epitaph and rune stones
Twist the light to brazen
Blanched in acid
Your brilliance blinds me
Sunlight spilled on fallow ground
I am soaked to the marrow
Weathered and weary
An the abyss whispers ever closer
Embrace the profane till the flesh burns ashen
*Nati sumus solus et nos solus perire
Deo autem non est sine interiori lumine
You folow me sombrous through the maelstrom
Trade my hueless soul
For the ecstasy of light
**In raptu lumine vestit me

*we are born alone and we die alone
Without God there is no internal light
**Clothe me in the ecstacy of light

TL Boehm
That we are born alone and we die alone is a lie whispered to us to terrrify....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Unreachable Dream - An SP moment

Cast one more stone
In a well void of water
To sustain you
As if your trebuchet barrage
Scattered talismans at my weathered feet
Will bring the deluge
Pour out sacrifice
Redolent offering to the god in you
I want nothing more
Than to sharpen my sword on the bones
of your unreachable dreams
Draw this blade across your saline skin
Etch my grievances in blood and mortar
The panacea of fools
Are you even capable of feeling pain?
What a waste
This dance
Your ineffable demesne
Is nothing but gossamer threads
Smoke and mirrors
Cannot contain me
I refuse to move to your
Susurrous litany any longer
I'll cut out your tongue
For my standard
And leave you silent
To decay

TL Boehm

I am weary of defeat. So weary