Monday, September 17, 2012

Perpetual Retrograde

I used to think that I could fly
Held aloft when I closed my eyes
Earth a bauble below me stayed
In perpetual retrograde

I used to dream of heady things
Effervesced on gossamer wings
A world of petty dreams I made
In perpetual retrograde

When I awoke it was too late
Vision fades when you hesitate
Capricious fantasy will fade
In perpetual retrograde

I'm earthbound now and gravity
Has left a terminal mark on me
This truth is a fatal move I played
In perpetual retrograde

TL Boehm


1 comment:

mimi298 said...

I could relate to this as I used to be a freer, maybe better person and the rest of the world seemed to be sliding backward. After some mistakes in life, I feel gravity's pull and it's not the world but me that seems to be "in perpetual retrograde". Well written, Tammy.