Monday, September 29, 2008

I have learned

I have learned that blood and bone
Are no assurance of love
That the parents who should protect you
Forget you
In the wake of their own unspun lives

I have learned that the newborn life
Once cradled in my arms
Won't consider my sacrifice
In the wake of unbridled rage
Love is a hollow lie

I have learned that I am a monster
Murderous and cruel
Selfish and judgemental
Producing bitter fruit
That withers on the vine

I have learned that the world
Doesn't love a dreamer
War and tragedy churns
In the belly of Babylon
The meek are weak expendable
Casualties of circumstance
Destined for demise

I have learned there is no sanctuary
No refuge from the malice
Washing over me like sleet
On a winter day
My heart is cold stone
I am lifeless

I have learned that intoxicants
Only fuel the ache
magnify this emptiness with
shallow platitudes
The flavor of the day
Scraped off the spoon tomorrow

I have learned
I still don't know how
To give up the little dreams
In the silence of my soul
I gather them piece by piece
Hiding them from myself
For fear I'll do me harm

I have learned I should love myself
I have learned....I don't know how to love
TLB 05/20/08

*I'm havin' a moment. I'm sure it will pass. If it doesn't - maybe it will fuel a rant/blog. In short, my kid is on the last nerve - and I am realizing the honeymoon is over at Writers' Cafe....its more like "Myspace poetry cafe" over there...which leaves me with no venue for fiction....since I'm working on at least three novels - well.....

I'm not a poet. Never said I was. I am capable of cheesy lyrics - but I am more betterer at dialogue and crappy plot lines. And now once again, I may as well write for a box. Cuz I ain't gitten no love.

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