Saturday, May 17, 2008

City Falls

Citrine disk slips soft from sullen skies
Reflections locked in amber eyes
Illumined residue of you she cries
Dreams aloft in velvet moments rise
Gentle caress of the western wind stolen
Tentative tendrils crimson woven
Whispered gifts of passion token
Crushed magnolia petals broken
Secret southern summers flow
You spin adrift in afterglow
Onyx water masks the undertow
Drowns the flood of life you used to know
Ash and shadows shifting sand
Storms don’t hush at your command
Mimosa open in your hand
Terminal words plot your final stand
Cities fall thoughts drift away
Life unfurled in the heat of day
Words of stone fall where they may
The walls we cast we built to stay.

Written in 2006 - why I don't remember, I think it was for a random poetry group. who knows. And who knows why I have two blogs. Guess I will poetryize one - this one, and rant on the other....